What's New: CROSSLEY Sweaters From Italy

One thing I hate about about retail is that as soon January comes everyone starts shipping you Spring product and your selling floor becomes awash with soft colors, light weight fabrics and shorts!

I know the weather has been amazing so far, but we are in Canada, WE WILL get a dumping of snow sometime from now until April. And if you’re like me, I hate shopping sale, everything is picked over, you can never find your size and I always want new, shiny, nicely merchandised clothes to choose from.

Left: Wool sweater $195

Striped sweaters, $225 each.

So for shoppers like me, we’ve brought in a beautiful collection of sweaters from Italy that are a great transition from now until when Spring really arrives. This Italian-made collection uses different yarns, old style hand finishes, and beautiful detailing mixed with modern styling. Prices range from $195 to $495.

Wool v-neck sweaters $175 each.

Grey sweater $225, blue and green sweater $195, grey cardigan $325.

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