What's New: Corduroy from Strellson, Drykorn, Lab

There’s something to be said about a corduroy suit in a sea of wool. As one of fall’s most important fabrics (aside from wool), it’s important to know that corduroy goes far beyond just casual pants and blazers with elbow patches. Today we’ve got three ways you can do corduroy suiting this season – from subtle to daring.

Strellson three piece corduroy suit $798, Lab beige fine corduroy blazer $750.

The rule of corduroy is all in the thickness of the wale, or the raised ridges. The thicker the wale, the more casual the cord. The thinner wales are reserved for suits. Strellson uses a thin wale for this three-piece suit that can be worn together or broken up into separates.

In an even thinner velvet-like wale, Lab has a corduroy blazer for the who wants a more subtle look.

Drykorn corduroy suit $795.

Drykorn uses this rustic, fall-appropriate colour to give corduroy even more of a warm and rich look. Like the three-piece suit, you can break it up into separates or be bold and wear it as a suit. Keep the accessories simple and cool, let the colour and texture speak for itself.

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