What's New: Corduroy from Life/After/Denim, Stones, Horst

Stones navy corduroy pants $198.

Since we started school, corduroy has been synonymous with fall. Who would have thought that after school we’d all continue to buy corduroy, willingly? This fall is going to be filled with cords, and there’s something for everyone – even a dressy pair.

Life/After/Denim beige corduroy pants $148.

After we come out of a steamy summer filled with cotton and chinos, having the luxury of playing with layers and texture is why fall fashion is always so exciting. Corduroy makes for an easy and safe way to add texture to your outfits. Not to mention that it works for all body types.

Life/After/Denim brown corduroy pants $148.

One of our favourite lines from the summer keeps the ball rolling for fall, too. Life/After/Denim offers amazing price points and really great casual looks, which of course couldn’t be done without corduroy. These neutral pairs can be worn with any kind of casual shirt or sweater, plus they’re warm and add some texture to give you a rich fall look.

Horst fine corduroy pants $115.

Horst’s fine cord pants in deep blue takes corduroy out of the casual area and into an option for dressier outfits. These aren’t for casual weekends. Wear them out at night with a blazer or sport coat.

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