What's New: Cool Cufflinks by Cuffwear

The French cuff is one of the few regal style aesthetics left in the modern mans wardrobe. With the recent popularity of shows like Boardwalk Empire, Suits, and Mad Men, the French cuff and consequently the cufflink is seeing a bit of a comeback. But unlike the trends of yesteryear todays cufflinks offer a wide range of options and styles, designed to match any personality and occasion.

These latest arrivals from Cuffwear, showcase the more jovial side to this otherwise formal trend. Dressing up is all about looking and feeling your best and sometimes feeling you best comes with having a little fun. So, channel your inner rockstar or fashion photographer and get into one of these great accessories.

Cuffwear Testing 1 2 3: $65

Cuffwear Skull: $65

Cuffwear Mixed Tape: $65

Cuffwear Level Me Out: $65

Cuffwear Guilty Not Guilty: $65

Cuffwear Camera: $65

Cuffwear Bright Idea: $65

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