What's New: Circle of Gentlemen—new U.K. brand!

How can you not love that name for a men’s clothing line, especially with this crest as a logo? That was part of the initial appeal to look at the collection, then I saw the sportcoats and I fell in love. You all know my mission: every man in a sportcoat! But for the guys who’ve already been wearing them, there needs to be some innovation to make you stand out from the other newly converted guys (subtlely of course). Circle of Genteman is just that; easily elegant with that extra satorial detail to let’s others know that you’re the man. (The Gotstyle Man).

Look for the unique folded collar blazers with surgen sleeve cuffs and contrast stitch detail. Love the wider ticket pocket and the “flower ready” chest pocket. Gorgeous linings (because it’s what she’ll notice when you slip your jacket over her shoulders). Beautiful Italian fabrics make up the shirts. Their higher collars means you don’t flop when you leave your shirt unbuttoned (the taping detail on the inside placket is also a nice touch). The fit is what makes this collection a knock out – trim but graded properly so that even the bigger guy can wear it (and look great doing it). Easy colors means it will easily work into your existing wardrobe.

Navy blazer and grey blazer priced at $600 each. Shirts priced from $195 – $225.

This U.K. brand’s motto is “Elegant clothing for stylish people”. Couldn’t have said it better myself!


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