What's New: Cashmere from Toscano, Oats, Company of We, and Michael Kors

Toscano vneck cashmere sweaters $275.

Fashion has had an unprecedented love affair with wild life since man first walked the earth. However, over the years one thing we have realized is that when referencing luxury fashion not all wild life is created equal. For instance, you have regular goats that wander aimlessly eating everything in site and then you have, a cashmere goat (they probably eat everything too, but they are cashmere so we don't judge). The name cashmere is derived from an old spelling of Kashmir, a now disputed region of India.

Oats Cashmere sweaters $295.

Cashmere is a fine textured fabric that is light, strong and incredibly soft. There are several things that I absolutely love about this fabric. It's perfect for fall and winter because it provides great insulation without all the bulk.

Company of We cashmere sweater $275, Canterbury cashmere sweater $325.

It is quite possibly the only universally accept garment. I don't know a single person that doesn't love cashmere and lets be honest why wouldn't they?! It quite literally goes with everything in your closet. Take for instance these crew necks from Company of We and Canterbury, they can easily be worn with jeans, dress pant, or under a coat. Switch it up with the v-neck and you can throw it over a nice white-t, or dress it up with a shirt and tie.

Michael Kors hoodies $295.

Heck, if you're looking for more variety, why not try these classic Michael Kors hoodies. Great for anything from a brisk morning jog to a nice coffee date in the afternoon. Granted cashmere sweaters tend to be more expensive that your regular garments but as Kurt Vonnegut says "you get what you pay for".

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