What's New: Cardigans

Red GSUS cardigan $125

Cardigans are a triple threat: versatile, easy to layer and effortlessly stylish, yet they are too often delegated to women’s fashion (or grandfather fashion). If you’ve got cardigans in your closet, you’re well armed.

Drykorn cardigan on the left is $365 and the Marshall Artist cardigan is $230.

Heavier knits are a winter staple for layering. Not as professional as a lightweight knit, they’re great for weekends or casual get togethers.

If you’re lucky enough to spend some fall weekends at your cottage or weekend trips, cardigans are easy to pack and versatile enough to make several outfits.

GSUS cardigan $140

Thinner knits like the red GSUS cardigan above or this green GSUS cardigan can easily be worn to work, social events, or out on dates. Warm and polished-looking, they’re a great option to be worn under jackets before the mercury falls below zero.

Marshall Artist vest $195.

While the weather still doesn’t require a jacket, this Marshall Artist vest ($195) is a great way to switch up layering and bring some colour into your casual wardrobe.

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