What's New: Canadian Designer Christopher Bates

Kiss shirt (trim fit), $229. Embroidered pants, $239.

Toronto based menswear designer Christopher Bates studied at the prestigious Instituto Marangoni, and continued to travel around Europe. His menswear line is influenced by his travels, especially the individualism and creativity he saw. His Fall/Winter 2011-12 line is full of individualism and unique touches, but keeps the look clean and versatile. The pants and shirts can easily be mixed and matched, and the formality can easily be toned down or cranked up.

Black shirt w. white contrast (trim fit), $189. Tuxedo shirt (relaxed fit), $229

The Christopher Bates man wants a clean look, but also wants to show off his personality. He’s interesting; bored of the same old menswear formula, and carries pride in his individuality. Not just any guy can pull off scorpion-embroidered pants.

White shirt with black panel (very slimming!), $189. Black shirt (relaxed fit), $239

All of his shirts are Italian fabrics made in Canada. He offers two fits – slim and relaxed and everything has his signature “Scorpion” embroidered on it (which was Christopher’s creation before Drive).

Blue stripe shirt with tie tab (trim fit), $189

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