What's New: Brogues from Ted Baker, John Varvatos, Ben Sherman, Luca Vero

Like I mentioned in this post, shoes say a lot about you. If you’re reading this blog, chances are: you’re ambitious, stylish, and definitely not dull. It’s not hard to go full-brogue this year when we’ve got so many styles in store. You’re definitely not dull enough for scuffed up, square-toed, plain black dress shoes.

Ted Baker $250

Traditional wingtips (or full brogues) are kept contemporary with some purple laces. These are an upgrade of the basic dress shoe, basic enough to endure years, but modern enough to get you noticed and show how sophisticated you really are.

Why are brogues so awesome? Because women love them. There’s no better way (well, other than properly fitting clothes) to impress women than good footwear. Even if you’re a junior executive or an intern just starting out, a pair of brogues says you’re going places and you’ve got serious style. Like they do with other women, they judge men by their shoes. And a man who picks brogues will always trump a man who goes to the basic black dress shoe.

Luca Vero $275

Look great with a navy suit: it stands out and is taken very seriously. Some people believe that brogues are to be worn strictly for business. But I disagree; if you show up to a bar or restaurant with a nice casual outfit, brown leather belt, fitted dress shirt, nice dark jeans, and brogues, you look like the man.

Brogues like the Luca Vero one above may look formal or fancy, but only patent black leather brogues are for formal events like weddings, funerals, or galas.

John Varvatos $298

Maybe you’re not sure about brogues, or it’s your first pair. Go simple and avoid perforations and extra details. Stick to black or brown, depending on your wardrobe and workplace. Simple brogues are also a great alternative to wearing wingtips casually or on weekends.

Ben Sherman $170

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