What's New: Bow Ties From Amanda Christensen

Pheasant patterned bow ties $95.

Bow ties may have gotten a reputation for being stuffy, but they aren’t just for tuxedos and black tie galas. A. Christensen has a variety of office, date, and nightlife appropriate bow ties. With colours and fun patterns, there’s nothing stuffy about switching up your tie with a bow tie.

Striped bow ties $95.

Subtle colours and stripes are perfect for your work week wardrobe, because who says you can only wear ties? If you’re going out after work a bow tie is always a little more unexpected than a tie, and it’s never a bad thing to be remembered as the guy with style.

Velvet bow ties in burgundy and black $95.

There’s nothing more formal or rich than a velvet bow tie, there’s also nothing more perfect for New Year’s Eve or holiday parties.

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