What's New: Black Jeans

There is no denying the role that denim plays in our lives. It is probably the single most popular and needed article of clothing in any persons closet. We wear them everywhere! But the pair I can’t live without are my black jeans. They look great, fit well, never require ironing and go with almost every outfit I could conceive. The best part is the versatility of the black jean. Unlike its popular blue counterpart, the black jean can be your best friend during the day and night. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve worn black skinnys during the day with t-shirts and Chucks, and then switched it up with a nice shirt, tie, and blazer combo for the evening. #lifesaver.

Now that they are available in a million different cuts and styles there is no limit to the ways you can rock them. Check out some of our favourites.

Given the lastest trend with the whole drop crotch scene, these jeans are definitely intended for a trend setting crowd. They offer a great fit with just the right amount of edge to separate you from the crowd.

Levi’s on left $148, Citizen’s of Humanity on right $.

Levi’s are Levi’s, they are the unquestioned authority when it comes to the world of denim. This brand was cool when my dad was a kid and will probably be cool when I have my kids and grandkids. Quality denim at a quality price. One thing I will say is that when trying on a pair make sure to get the size that fits just right. As with most denim, they stretch once worn and Levi’s is no exception to that rule.

John Varvatos $198.

All I have to say when it comes to John Varvatos is that if The Roots think JV is a brand worth rocking, then my friend I am not going to be one to question it. Check out JV’s Fall Campaign ft. The Roots: http://wp.me/pxoas-5dR.

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