What's A Moose Knuckle?

What’s so good about a Moose Knuckle parka? Other than looking good, they’re built with details that make the $700 plus price tag one of the best investments you can have hanging in your closet.

  1. Made in Canada. Nobody knows how to stay warm better than fellow Canadians.
  2. 100% Canadian down filling. AKA the best winter protection you can get.
  3. Water repellant and windproof. Most jackets don’t have this.
  4. Detachable hood trimmed with Fox fur. Extra warmth and if you don’t like the look of fur – remove the hood.

We carry the men’s Ballistic Bomber and Stirling parka, both pictured below. Our more casual guys love the bomber style, and the longer Stirling parka is great for guys who wear suits as it’ll prevent your jacket from sticking out below the jacket. Both have fleece-lined pockets that will keep your hands warm.

Ballistic bomber $750, Stirling parka $795.

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