What You Need Right Now... A Sweater!

It's never fun to be hit with snow after a teaser of spring. I know Mother Nature sometimes has other plans for us, but I wasn’t second guessing her and packed away my winter coat and fall sweaters.

The option of what to do now? It's all about buying the perfect transitional pieces that will work RIGHT NOW and into the spring once Mother Nature decides to be nice to us again.

The perfect item for right now is sweaters! I know you're thinking sweaters? In the springtime? (that's right around the corner). Yes sweaters. Now we are not talking about those bulky heavy wool sweaters that you rocked all fall. We're talking about lightweight sweaters, in cotton, with a cool pattern on them, or even a cardigan.


They are perfect for layering RIGHT NOW under a sport coat to give you an extra bit of warmth that a regular shirt can't, heck you can even layer it over your shirt and under your sport coat. But in the next few weeks when it does hit the above 15 mark, you can wear said sweater on it's own on a night out, or wear it with a pair of checked pants for a smart casual work look. Either way it's still going to be chilly at night for the next few months, a lightweight sweater is the perfect item to keep you warm but still looking cool.



-Melissa Austria

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