5 Lessons to Learn From "Mr Steal Your Grandma"

Irvin Randle, an Older Gentleman Is Dubbed Mr Steal Your Grandma on Instagram

Sure, there is a new thing trending every day on Instagram and Twitter but this one we could not avoid.

Photographs of a 54-year-old gentleman in stylish outfits circulated around Facebook and Twitter as people asked: “Whose grandpa is this?” He even inspired a hashtag: #MrStealYourGrandma.

Social media seems to be a thing for the youth but Mr. Randle seems to show otherwise. There are a few things you can learn from this dapper man.

1. It never hurts to wear a suit

Mr Steal Your Grandma manages to be the best dressed at a more casual/social function by wearing a suit. He keeps it from getting too formal with no tie and white sneakers. He gets bonus points by adding some colour with his lapel pin and pocket square.

2. Don’t be afraid to keep your fit modern

One of the biggest reasons why his style is so on point is he keeps the fit of his outfits trim. Some of you might argue that he is in good shape but it’s crucial to keep in mind that even if you’re not at his level, oversized or ill-fitting clothes is never flattering. It really helps to dress for your body type and look for clothes with a modern fit.

3. A blazer goes a long way

We cannot stress enough what a blazer can do for your outfit. It instantly upgrades any outfit you have by bridging the gap between business and casual wear. It works for dates, brunches, drinks with the boys, weddings, just about anything that can use a little more effort and sophistication. Really, the list of why you should wear a blazer can go on.

4. When in doubt, tuck it in

If you’ve been following along with our blog for a while, you know we always suggest not to show up to an event with an untucked shirt. Sure Irvin could’ve worn his denim shirt untucked and it probably would’ve looked fine. However, he took it to the next level by button it up all the way and tucking it into a pair of slacks with a belt. Small details like this really add style and class to any outfit. If you have to be somewhere and you don’t know what to wear, we highly recommend this look.

5. Age is but a number

Last but definitely not least is that having good style is ageless. The ultimate lesson you can learn from Mr Steal Your Grandma is you’re never too young or too old to dress well, look good and do great things. Never let that restrict you from trying new things or wanting the best for yourself.

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