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Our Stylist Lindsay and her fashionable friends/models Phil and Matt reviewed the Golden Globes red carpet, one of the most dazzling fashion events of the year.  Find out their favourite looks from the red carpet and discover their glam looks inspired by the celebrities. Fashion Police at Gotstyle

Glam Up with Tone-on-Tone Patterns

Matt's Favourite Look from Golden Globes 

Matt's most favourite look was Gillian Anderson's Custom Vulva-Covered Gown. Matt loved the gown with a beautiful neckline and silhouette, completed with the anatomical decorations that popped ever so slightly against the gown, taking such an elegant risk.

Matt's Glam Look


For his glam look, Matt went for the old money, English country estate vibes with PIEROGABRIELI Paisley Double Breasted Velvet Blazer in deep green. He styled the blazer with R2 AMSTERDAM Twill Shirt With Contrasting Button Details in navy, picking up the navy accent colour of the paisley. He then chose DION self-bowtie with piping details that pops and adds extra definition to the entire look.

New Red Carpet Essentials - Slouchy Wide-Leg Trousers  

Phil's Favourite Golden Globes Look

Phil's favourite look was Jonathan Bailey's white monochromatic suit look.
Bailey wowed in a white Givenchy suit with a modern double-breasted blazer with statement-making shawl collars, paired with wide-leg trousers, all in white. 

Phil's Glam Look


Phil took inspiration from Bailey and choose TIGER OF SWEDEN Relaxed Fit Belted Wool Blend Trouser, paired with CERIMONIA  Sequins Peak Lapel Dinner Jacket, adding some drama and sparkles to the look. Super modern, but elegantly combining retro flair from the rat pack days of the 50s, an absolute stand-out glam look.

Bring The Drama

Lindsay's Favourite Golden Globe Look 

Lindsay's favourite look was Barry Keoghan's custom-made red plaid Louis Vuitton suit. Punchy, unique, and aggressive - his boldest look to date. 

Lindsay's Glam Look 


For her glam outfit, Lindsay got dressed in HILARY MACMILLAN Ribbed Tank Dress, paired with Long Sleeve Ruched Mesh Dress both in black. Not many evening dresses have long sleeves, but this one does in sultry sheer mesh. The adjustable diagonal ruching is an updated take on the classic LBD along with the CAVERLEY Leather Zebra Print Boot , adding drama and creating a fierce and edgy contrast to the sleekness of her dresses. 

Need Dressy Outfit For Your Gala? 

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