What Suit Suits You? (VIDEO)

In the video, I’m talking a lot about half canvas and full canvas suits. What is canvas and why is it so important?

The canvas in a suit is the basis of suit tailoring; it’s the material (usually horse hair canvas) that is between the lining and the cloth of the jacket. Having a canvas jacket respects the true natural of the fabric, allowing it to breathe, move and fall better on the wearer. The more you wear a canvas suit, the more it molds to your body. A fused suit is more rigid and stiff and sits away from the body.

A canvas jacket also maintains its shape after time and repeated cleanings and doesn’t “bubble” like a fused suit does. A canvas jacket also helps to distribute stress points evenly on the suit, which helps to contain the wear and tear of the cloth – helping prolong the life of the suit. If you’re wearing a suit everyday, it’s worth it to pay more and get a suit that will last longer and look better on you.

Another quick note:
Cinque starts at a size 36 but we can do a special order for size 34 (46 and 44 European)
Paul Betenley now starts at size 36 (not 38 as mentioned in video)
Both LAB and TConcept start at size 34 (44 European)

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