What should a groom wear to a wedding?

What should a groom wear to a wedding? How about a proper suit.

Guys should look to their bride for an idea of how casual or formal they should go. And when in doubt, a suit will always work. Whether it’s a destination or civil ceremony any stylist should be able to help you dress up or down according to your bride.

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Should I wear a suit to my wedding?

Short answer, yes. If your bride is wearing a traditional wedding dress, and getting her hair and makeup done why should you get a free pass to not wear a suit on the most important day of your lives?

In case you didn't know, a wedding dress is just as hot as a suit (trust me that sateen, lace, silk stuff does not breath). You only need to wear the full suit for a maximum of 2-3 hours (ceremony and pictures) then, you can take your jacket off!

Your pictures will look so much better and your bride will be so impressed with how handsome you look! (no one looks handsome in an untucked shirt, just saying).

At the end of the day you are paying good money for your wedding. You’ll want to have great pictures of you and your bride to look back on.

What should a groom wear to a destination wedding?

A destination wedding is the same as any other weddingyou're just in another country with better weather. So remember thisif wouldn't wear it at home don’t do it at your destination wedding.

Would you wear an untucked oversized linen shirt with wide leg linen pants? Didn’t think so. So don't do it over there.

linen pants and shirts

Please Stop Doing This

Another myth is in the fabrication. The fact is a lightweight wool suit will breathe better than wearing linen or cotton. The classic lightweight fabrics are great too however linen and seersucker will wrinkle and not look as crisp in photos. (wool, linen, seersucker, cotton).


Your fabrication options: wool, linen, seersucker, cotton.

Go for a lighter colour. Try light blue or soft grey. These colours will psychologically make you feel cooler. Avoid beige. Beige suits at destination weddings look corny. It doesn’t help that beige doesn’t look good on 90% of mengo light grey instead.

What should my groomsmen wear?

Stop dressing the same as your groomsmen. Your bride looks totally different than her bridesmaids – so you should look completely different from your groomsmen. You should stand out in those wedding photos!


If you want to do linen or seersucker, look for Haspel.

Our go-to brand for seersucker and linen is Haspel, the originator of the seersucker suit in 1901. We like them because they’ve kept the same quality while also upgrading their fit over time.

Linen and seersucker fabrics are naturally less stiff and will continue to wrinkle as you wear them. If you want something that will stay crisp throughout the day try a cotton suit instead.

What you should wear to a destination wedding

Haspel Gravier Seersucker Blazer $650, Oscar of Sweden Floral Print on Check Shirt $225, Haspel Bernard Seersucker Pant $195, Anderson’s Stretch Leather Belt $198, A. Christensen Pocket Square $45

What you should wear to a destination wedding

Haspel Gravier Seersucker Blazer $650, Ordean Solid Shirt $150, Haspel Bernard Seersucker Pant $195, Gotstyle Tie $105, A. Christensen Pocket Square $45, Gotstyle Double Monk Strap Shoe $225

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