What I Learned at Prom

Prom is one of the most memorable experiences kids have. Don’t let your cousin, brother, son wear your old suit. He can use this opportunity to get his first suit one that will be able to wear to his first interview.

There are a lot of options out there at different price points. Check out our prom guide and don’t forget we have a major contest that could pimp your entire prom.

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Melissa Austria, Owner & Curator of Gotstyle

“Don’t get too intoxicated that you don’t remember the night. Prom is a pretty important moment in your life and it’s a chance to party with all your high school friends.

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Phil Campbell, Operations Assistant Manager

“Honestly just enjoy the night and have fun with it. This might be the last chance you have to create memories with people you’ve spent 4 years with.”

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Shaeleigh Afton, Digital Marketing Manager

“I realized spending $700 on a dress that I will never wear again is stupid– but thanks Grandpa! Guys, with the right suit you can always wear your it again (like to an interview). And pictures are important so take as many as you can.”

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Mallory Hood, Distillery Store Manager & Wedding Co-ordinator

“My date wore a double breasted jacket that I think he borrowed from his dad and smelled like rum the whole night. The teal dress is one of my biggest regrets in my life. The one thing I can say is if you invest in a good suit (and in a good friend) it will last you for years to come. 10 years later my date and I are still amazing friends.”

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Linda Giang, Digital Marketing Co-ordinator

“A lot of us seem to regret our dresses. Mostly because we usually get ones we can’t wear again. But I think at the time, that’s what we’re into. I would suggest going to a boutique store that knows what’s classic yet in style and will give honest advice because we can’t really trust our taste at that age.”


Alex Danyer, Distillery Stylist & Assistant Womenwear Buyer

“Definitely get comfortable shoes.You’re standing so much from all the pictures that get taken and dancing all night. People thought I was drunk because I kept holding onto my date for support! Don’t make the same mistake.”


Nicole Goldstein, Bathurst Store Manager

“7 years later I can still fit into my prom dress. The more people you date in high school, the more proms you get to go to!”

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