We're looking for Movember teams to promote!

Movember is right around the corner, and I know many of you are planning your facial hair reconstruction.

We’re looking for four Movember teams to feature in November for our Movember. We want to clutter our social media channels with your team photos & descriptions. We want to spread awareness for prostate cancer this month, with only the charity and yourselves to reward.

We’ll donate to all four teams in a special Facebook “like” contest. And because the focus here is the charity, we’ll give a rightful incentive to the team with most donations, in the form of gift certificates.

In the meantime, stock up on items at 10% off when you rock a ‘stache (starting Nov. 7th).

UPDATE (Wed, 12:47pm): We’ve got two teams in the running, the C1 HumBEARS and the Bay Stage Lighting team. Looking for two more, so submit your team in now!

UPDATE (Thurs, 1:46pm): One more team added, the RBCCM Mo-chachos (great name)! Looking for one more to include.

UPDATE (Thurs, 4:02pm): Looks like we got our four teams! Stantec Canada has confirmed as our final team, and we look forward to having our teams battle it out for top donations. Emails have been sent out to all teams, so check your inboxes.

While these four teams will be featured as our main contestants, I’m open to receiving any other Movember teams to put in a mini-directory on our site. Feel free to fill out the form with your team and a bit about yourselves!

So round up your posse and enter your team below:


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