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Weekend Offender is the edgy new streetwear brand you’ve been looking for.

This week in new arrivals we have a brand called Weekend Offender. Their brand has a cool street vibe without the taste of bitter adolescence. More of an idgaf UK vibe. I mean… they catch phrased “F**k Off Mondays.”

Look to this collection for indie inspired shirts and out of the ordinary outerwear.


Monday's #weekendoffender

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It's been emotional #weekendoffender #pittiuomo

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Always out of the ordinary– Weekend Offender jackets include more than meets the eye. For example; The Hemlock colour block jacket, the jacket we’re dubbing the “walk of shame” jacket. Why? It comes with a toothbrush!

Seriously why didn’t we think of that?

The Spring/Summer Collection

This collection includes four styles of short sleeve button downs, one front pocket polo, and the Hemsworth jacket. When you’re tired of wearing a t-shirt with everything these shirts are the answer.


So who is a Weekend Offender? According to the labels designers Sam Jones and Rydian Powell anyone can be. The label is inspired by indie UK culture. No wonder so many well-known artists (Samuel Jackson, Sheldon Cooper, Ed Sheeran, Mac Miller, Liam Gallaghier from Oasis, GQ star Idris Alba) are big fans.

Throwback Thursday, Sheldon Cooper is a #weekendoffender #tbt #throwbackthursday

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So– are you a Weekend Offender?

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