3 Ways To Wear The Vintage Tee Trend

The Vintage tee trend has become the new way of expressing your taste through badass merchandise.

Heard of Marilyn Manson? Nope. Know a member of Metallica? Nada! Doesn’t matter. Infamous graphics from bands like Metallica, Kiss, Iron Maiden, Guns n’ Roses and even Tupac are blowing up in this new vintage tee trend.

The t-shirts are reminiscent of the counter culture that was associated with that particular brand. Lets look at the different ways celebs are putting their spin on the vintage tee trend.

1. Oversized/Baggy

This works when you’re in your 20’s and/or you wake up with an IDGAFOS attitude.
This is a street style look so feel the need to layer under your baggy band shirt.
If you’d rather put a piece on top, pick a just-as-distressed denim jacket to match with super skinny rock n roll jeans.

Here is how the style Gods of the moment are rocking the baggy band t-shirt look.

justin bieber vintage tee trend

Justin Bieber in a Iron Maiden band tee

Kanye wears Queen Vintage Tee

Kanye wears Queen Vintage Tee

pharell vintage tee trend 2pac

Pharell in vintage Tupac Tee

2. True to Size

If you’re not in your 20’s chances are you actually did listen to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Queen, Guns N’ Roses, The Who, Tupac, this automatically entitles you to own his trend, again.

*Remember, Dad’s– Kanye is a dad too.

Johnothan Chaban- vintage tee trend

Johnothan Chaban wearing a fake Kris Jenner tour tee

vintage tee trend kanye

Kanye West in Guns N’ Roses Tee

3. Python Show Style

For those who work hard, and play hard… who wants tickets?
Expert Tip: Roll your sleeves to give your boxy old band shirt more tailored look through the arms.

guns n roses vintage tee trend

Kellan Lutz (Twilight) wearing it 100% correct

One direction vintage tee trend

Harry Styles in Ramones Tee

David Beckham in T shirt

David Beckham in The Stone Roses Tee

The vintage tee trend is a great way of showing off your taste in nostalgic merchandise. But buying these ain’t cheap. Some vintage tees are going for over $300 USD on eBay.

So, unless you carefully stored your t-shirts from the 80’s… JOAT dropped a collection of vintage inspired tees just for you. These ones are made with stretchy super soft fabric that (sorry to say it) might be better than the real thing.

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