[VIDEO] Real Men Wear Short[er] Shorts

Ok, gentlemen, it's time to add a hit of European sensibility to those warm weather wardrobes. Worn by men on the Riviera for ages, short (as in shorter, not Daisy Duke style) shorts are the new modern. The key is ensuring proper fit (streamlined, not tight) and correct length (halfway down the thigh is abbreviated enough). Unload the piles of cargos and Bermudas- their lengthy measurements look dated and dull. Look to our GS "how to wear" tutorial- featuring Melissa lending her expertise on how to style this enduring trend. Regardless of body type or personal preferences, we have the pair for you. Shop Gotstyle online or in-store.



Standards of Wear- The GS Guide to Shorter Shorts
  1. Choose shorter dimensions to suit your level of comfort- above the knee is as lengthy as they should be.
  2. Choose a trimmer fit- boxy and baggy are done. Sleek and streamlined are in.
  3. Take it up a level with masculine motifs- patterns (paisley, polka dots) are on-trend and garner extra style points.
  4. Do not overload your pockets with wallets and keys, the menswear accessory of the season- the holster, holds essential with ease, leaving your look slick.

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