[Video] Mel's Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials

Spring is here which means for many it’s time to clean out that closet and get ready for another great year of fashion, style, and fun. But before you go all gung-ho on acquiring the latest trends let’s start with a healthy wardrobe. As we all know step one to a healthy and stylish wardrobe begins with purging all the crap you've been hoarding from yesteryears. From there we go back to basics. No matter how many trends come and go, or how big or small your wardrobe gets, investing and re-investing in key basics is a must because we all know that a wardrobe is only as good as its foundation. Update your suits and blazers, invest in some fresh denim and chinos, and who can forget those classic cardigans, tees & henleys. We also recommend taking the time to re-evaluate your accessories. Don't forget about your shoes, socks, belts and ties. They need loving too.

To help guide you founder, Melissa Austria brings your her latest style tips video where she highlights here top 10 wardrobe essentials for the discerning gentlemen. Add these items to your wardrobe to guarantee a solid style foundation.

Gotstyle’s Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials Part 1


Gotstyle’s Top Ten Wardrobe Essentials Part 2


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