[Video] Closet Clean Up Tips For Men With Melissa Austria

Spring cleaning is something most people talk about but few actually take the time to implement. We can’t stress enough how important “Spring Cleaning” is for the health of your wardrobe and your personal style. Here’s Melissa, Founder of Gotstyle with another style tips video to walk you through some key tips and tricks every guys should know when endeavouring to do a closet clean up.

Wardrobe check-list:

  • 1 Navy and 1 Grey suit. We have a great selection to match your budget.
  • A selection of high quality basic t-shirts in white, black, and navy. We recommend PYA
  • Make sure you have a couple henley’s as well.
  • Make sure to have at least two pairs of good jeans like Nudies or DL 1961 without all the fancy washes, whiskers etc
  • Compliment those with a couple pairs of chinos
  • No wardrobe is complete without a great sport coat, try one that’s made of jersey. They offer all the comforts of a sweatshirt with the sophistication of a suit. Best of both worlds.
  • Don’t forget to update/replace your socks, belts, shoes, underwear & ties.
  • Every guys should have at least 2 white shirts, 1 blue, another solid colour (black) and rotate in your checks, plaids, and stripes.

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