Trend Watch: Elbow Patches

We were tweeting last week about the elbow patch making a comeback this season and here’s how to do this trend without looking like you woke up in 1982. If you still have flashbacks of your father or grandfather’s itchy, boxy blazer with elbow patches, this time around it’s all about slim cuts, smoother fabrics and a sleek design. Above blazer is made by Strellson and priced at $550.

This Strellson blazer is the perfect balance between bookish tweed and modern fits. It might even have you feeling like a modern day Mr. Keating.

Stick to slim cuts and smooth fabrics, which allows the blazer to be both business and casual. Don’t be afraid to play with pattern too, as long as the material is smooth. You can also inverse the look with a lighter elbow patch. Blazer on the left is Sand ($695), blazer on the right is Horst ($395).

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