This Weekend Only: F*** The Mall — Reasons Why We Can't Stand Mall Shopping

Save time, money, and stress.Shop at Gotstyle Bathurst this Xmas.

Three Reasons to Avoid the Mall this Xmas:

1. Parking is a b****.

When you have to pay to make your parking experience easier (through valet service), why bother?

2. The never ending lineups.

Going from one lineup. To another lineup. To another lineup.

3. Mall crowds. Yeah.

The feeling of Xmas is never complete without screaming children, hordes of crazy mall shoppers, and the occasional tug-o-war match.

Free Parking!
Gifts for the women in your life (that don’t suck)
Don’t Pay Tax when purchasing through cash/debit
Free Gift Wrapping!
Spiked Egg Nog and cookies


Enjoy stress free shopping this Saturday, December 15th & Sunday, December 16th, 2012.

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