Modern Grooms Segment on The Social with Gotstyle

Anything that involves weddings have generally been geared towards women. There are magazines, trade shows and tv series covering what to wear, what to eat and ideal wedding locations. Times have changed and the modern groom has become increasingly aware and more interested in being involved with the process. And why shouldn’t they? It’s as much their special day as it is the bride’s.

A recent segment on CTV’s The Social focuses on the modern groom. They send stylist Erica Wark with bride-to-be Kate McKenna to Gotstyle to check out some suits and accessories for her own modern groom! Black tuxes are classic but there are so many more suit options out there. Different colours, patterns, textures… Not to mention accessories like pocket squares, lapel pins, ties/bow ties, tie clips, socks. With such a selection, feel free to drop by Gotstyle and discuss with our wedding specialist Mallory Hood.

Watch the segment below to see which look Erica and Kate went with:

Visit here to see the rest of the segment about modern grooms that includes a panel discussion with Toronto Star reporter Rob Cribb.

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