The Scoop on Made to Measure

Since we lost our blog post on Made to Measure (MTM) in the crash, I thought it might be good to add in a new one as we are getting a lot of requests for them.

Stock single, Made to Measure, Bespoke… what do they all mean?

Made to Measure uses a stock pattern that is altered based on your measurements. With a Bespoke garment, a pattern is made from scratch based entirely on your measurements. A Bespoke garment is mainly made by hand while a Made to Measure garment has both machine and hand sewing. However a Bespoke garment will start at $2,000 plus and you need numerous fittings; a Made to Measure garments will cost a lot less and you normally just need the initial fitting.

What makes a Gotstyle Made to Measure suit different than other Made to Measure suits?

  • We have worked with our manufacture to develop a modern cut stock pattern for our customers. When we first started dealing with them they couldn’t believe our measurements because they were so trim, they kept sending them back asking if they were correct. We finally convinced them that there was a new type of suit customer who wanted a more modern silhouette.
  • We take 40-45 different points of measurement to really customize the pattern to your body type, versus other places that may only take 10-12 measurements.
  • We offer customization that is not usually offered in Made to Measure at our price range: width of the lapel (skinny notch, wide peak lapel), the expression of the shoulder (soft, roped), the stance of the button placement.
  • We like to think of it as an entry level bespoke starting at $900.

What’s the difference versus the Maxwell Made to Measure suits at $499?

  • Buying a Made to Measure suit should be an experience, not in a hotel room with hundreds of other guys looking at little swatches of fabric. We offer a relaxed atmosphere to help you properly choose the right fabrics and details and take the time to measure you properly. Every guy should have a local tailor that will get to know your body type and what will look good on you (and knows your wife’s name, what’s going on with your work and can shoot the shit about last night’s game)
  • Our suits are all made in Canada by a third generation suit manufacture, not overseas in a sweatshop.
  • We offer a modern cut – even guys who have asked for a slimmer silhouette still get the boxier fit because they are using a stock pattern.
  • Our suits take 4 weeks to deliver versus 3 months.
  • If there is ever a problem with your suit, you can come back to the store and we will help fix / repair it in our in-house tailor shop.

How does the Made to Measure process work at Gotstyle?

* Call and make an appointment with Joa, our Made to Measure specialist.
* The appointment will take about an hour to choose fabrics, discuss styling and get measured.
* Make a 50% deposit on your suit.
* When the suit comes in after 4 weeks, come to the store for your final fitting with Joa for any minor tweaks that may need to get done.

For more information on Made to Measure, including an interview with our Made to Measure specialist Joa, this article is a must read:

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