Jersey - the fabric you need to love now

By Melissa Austria

It's no secret of my love for all things jersey stretch for men, why? Because for years I have been battling with men on the concept that you can be comfortable and stylish. They seem to think it was mutually exclusive, either you were comfortable and sloppy:

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Or dressed up and uncomfortable (think that stiff suit, starched white shirt, tie)

With jersey fabrics you get the best of both worlds; sartorially sharp while feeling cozy comfy (it's like you're getting a hug every time you wear your clothes!). Women have been wearing jersey and stretch fabrics forever; we understand the beauty of looking sharp and still feeling comfortable, plus those skin tight jeans don't go on without it. But "soft" clothing for guys only started happening a few years ago. Sure you had soft clothing in your weekend stuff, like sweatshirts and t-shirts but never in your work attire. But now with this whole covid thing pushing work from home and comfort to the next level, jersey is going to be your best friend.

So what is jersey anyways? Let's compare it to the other main type of fabric you wear which is a woven. So a jersey fabric is knitted (think of what grandma used to do, or your wife if she's hipster) with one continuous yarn that inter loops while a woven is two sets of yarns that cross each other. 

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So your t-shirts, sweatshirts are usually all a knit fabric and because of how they are made you get 4 way stretch with them. A woven item like your dress shirts, suits, even denim only has a 2 way stretch on the bias when you pull them. 

So some other advantages of jersey knitted fabrics:

- Super comfortable - since it moves when you move (just like that)

- Wrinkle resistant - why it's the best fabric for travelling

- Absorbent and breathable - a double bonus for guys

- Easy care - most jersey items are a cotton jersey so they are washable

What makes jersey so great now is that brands have started using it for business wear - so jersey dress shirts, blazers and pants. 

circolo stretch suit

So you feel like you're wearing your favourite sweatpants and sweatshirt but you can actually leave your house and take over the world. 

Ok so if jersey is so great, why isn't all clothing made in jersey? Well a few issues, it is very hard to sew jersey fabrics (because it stretches and moves so much). Complicated items like a shirt or a blazer will look like shit if it's not made properly and professionally. And while it can drape nicely it can also cling if the weight of the jersey fabric is too light. 

That's why when it comes to jersey fabrics we only go for the best of the best!

One of our main brands for sartorial jersey style is Circolo 1901, this made in Italy brand does jersey blazers and pants right. Beautifully made with a heavier cotton jersey fabric so it's comfortable without the cling. Circolo has made it easy for you to dress better:

It's easy to wear - like throwing on a sweatshirt or sweatpants

Easy to move - 4 way stretch, moves when you do

Easy to wash - imagine just throwing your blazer into the washing machine!

Easy to pack - roll it in a ball and put it in your suitcase (or wear it on the plane to guarantee an upgrade!)

Easy to style - same jacket can go from shirt / tie / dress pant and shoe to hoodie / track pants and runners.

So get on the jersey train and shop comfort and style!. You can see the comfy suits AND pieces from Italian brand Circolo here