Suit Trends | The New Blue Suit

You’ve got lots of navy suits in your suit wardrobe, now it’s time to shake things up a bit.

Bold royal blue and soft light blue are becoming more accepted in even the most conservative of workplaces (and you do have the balls to show off a little bit anyways).

Psychologically both colors will make you feel happier that Spring is finally here (and face it we all want to be happy at work) and when it gets to be summer you’ll feel a lot cooler that you’re not wearing a dark and heavy navy suit.

What to wear it with:

A brighter or lighter blue suit will go with everything your navy suit went with - blues are easy to match up because you don’t have to. You can wear any tones of blue together and they’ll work.

If you want to wear that same blue suit for a wedding or special event then jazz it up even more with a purple or pink dress shirt. Again think fresh for the Spring time.

If you want to tone down the suit a little, wear it with a soft gray dress shirt (white will be a strong contrast, gray is not as stark)


Not all checks are created equal

Checks are another way to create some excitement in your suit wardrobe (if you have to wear them every day, why not make a statement?)

You can start subtle with a tone-on-tone check, it comes to some surface and depth to your suit.

Once you’ve mastered that (and gotten a ton of compliments) then it’s time to go a little stronger with a windowpane check.

The rule of thumb for matching checks with checks is one has to be bigger than the other in the right proportion. Since your suit will normally have a bigger check, look for a smaller pattern in the shirt.

And the great thing about a bolder check suit is you can wear it more casually (what to wear on casual Fridays) by pairing it with the modern fit polo shirt (not a regular golf shirt…duh!)

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