In Defense Of Justin Bieber And Long Shirts

Long shirts and Justin Bieber, you’ve been warned.

Until recently, I couldn’t even get my boyfriend to listen to Justin Bieber. But since the release of his Purpose album, he like so many others caught the “Bieber Fever.”

Dressing like him, well that’s what I’m working on next.

Did you know some websites track everything this guy wears? Canadian clothing and advertising company Faded Lifestyle and One Method found out when he started wearing their clothes and they’re site blew the f*ck up.

How ecstatic to know we’d be bringing in these two lines because that’s all he’s been wearing lately. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating, but he’s been seen wearing it, like a lot. Ultimately meaning I’m a little bit closer to dating JB.

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BUT Bieber isn’t the only reason we’re backing these new lines. Their signature extended length bamboo long shirts are 100% made in Canada and comfy-as-heck. They are the layering staple your closet has been missing!! Girls too!

But why?
Well, layering isn’t new, and the length could be attributed to hip-hop. (Dem Franchise Boyz, anyone?) This look is probably not for you if you’re over 35. They’ve been suuuper modernized since their last outbreak in the 2000’s. The body is cut slimmer and they’re much tighter in the sleeve. The shirts neckline is deep which makes it perfect for flexing those pecs, collar bones, and tats.

What do I wear with them?
These long shirts look best when you pair them with drop crotch pants and joggers. Anything with a mid rise-regular rise will look like you don’t get it. Double up, wear two at a time. One shorter and one longer. Put your short sleeve over a long sleeve. The shirts are all designed with a raw hem and can be cut to your desired length, or even asymmetrically if you’re into that.

How do I get in on the trend if I’m vertically challenged?
You caaaaan do it but keep your shirt lengths proportionate to your body, meaning shorter layers. Plus if you can throw on a bomber on that hits at your waist it will break you up nicely.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?
As soon as you stop caring! Nonchalance inspires the look; it’s grungy and effortlessly cool. Own it!


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