The Gotstyle Update #2: We have lights!

Back for an update on the latest things happening inside Gotstyle. Lots of new stuff happening at the store.

• The biggest one is that we finally have lights! No more shopping in the dark past 7pm. The warehouse grade lights are pretty strong and keep the place lit well in the Casual area.

• Foot traffic has been great for the store so far. Lots of guys live in the area and have been passing through the store – many of them have never even heard of the shop before! We’ve had some cute girls outside of our old location, passing out flyers with our new address in case the locals didn’t know we moved.

• We’ve installed three new change curtains that keep the space open, wall-free and an ode to the change curtains at tailoring shops.

• The final section of the floor is halfway done, which should be great when complete considering it’s not only the largest section of the store, but it’s also the suit section. Should be another week, week and a half.

• We finally have a display with three shiny silver mannequins showcasing the latest fall outfits. It’s something to get a little experience and creativity from that was a staple from our previous location.

• Our tall dark curtains are up in the Social area, adding to the coziness and takes full advantage of the high ceiling of the space.

• The barbershop chairs now have a cool shade of navy. Now all we need is the barbershop. Pamela is working from another salon in the meantime, so please give us a call for her temporary contact information if your getting wings over your ears.

• Last but not least, the Naked Boxer Brief Media Launch last Wednesday was a raging success. Read more about it here.

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