"The Gotstyle Club" Suit Ideas

What happened to the good old days where men wore perfectly tailored suits, tipped their hats in the streets and had an overall sense of decorum and suave? Suffice it to say if the last decade is any reflection, those men are dead and what was once considered dapper is now being replaced with “swag”.

Fortunately, thanks to the wonderful world of television and shows like Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, the fashion world and its consumers are once again being reminded of a once forgotten breed of gentlemen. These gentlemen not only maintained their “swag” on the streets but also redefined how men should present themselves when out on the town.

We’ve already spoken at length about the many options available to you when it comes to day/office wear, so why beat a dead horse. Instead, for this segment we endeavour to showcase how suiting isn’t just for day.

Take for instance this full Moods of Norway suit (above) paired with a wonderful light pink (yet masuline) shirt, a classic black bowtie and a pocketsquare. Coupled with a timeless pair of patent leather shoes and you have a 21st century tuxedo that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression at any dinner party.

Above: Moods of Norway suit $395 for the jacket and $160 for the pants, Without Prejudice pink French cuff dress shirt $195, A. Christensen pocket square $45, Luca Vera patent tuxedo shoe $250.

If the previous look was too refined for you try this bold plaid blazer from Bustle, matched with a silk paisley pocket square and ascot. You know you aren’t the type to follow rules so why pretend. Somehow the name Bret Maverick comes to mind, mischievous yet always one step ahead of the crowd.

Above: Bustle plaid blazer $575, white Strellson dress shirt $140, John Varvatos grey pants with suspenders $245, Peckham & Rye ascot $110, pocket square $45.

Taking serious inspiration from the 40’s and more so the 50’s we have this fantastic look featuring the Harris Tweed blazer. Now before we get into why this is an amazing look I will just say that Harris Tweed is a very specific type of tweed that dates as far back as the 1830’s. Throw in a gorgeous burgundy John Smedley cardi, a fedora and you have the makings of being the next Don Drapper minus the arrogance and well… you know.

Above: Harris Tweed Stones blazer $595, checked Eterna shirt $165, John Smedley cardigan $325, Strellson wool pants $225.

These two looks are definitely what I consider classic modernism. Taking a classic piece like the velvet smoker jacket (right) and pairing it with contemporary accents like the red bowtie and the polkadot ascot allows for a great flow within your appearance. It showcases confidence without yelling it over the balcony. Same can be said of the embossed blazer and ascot look on the left. As we’ve mentioned time and time again on this blog, some of the best looks come not in the way of overt statements but rather in the fine details. These outfits are great at showcasing how to maintain the fine balance between being casually confident without appearing pompous.

Left: Embossed SAND blazer $850, purple dress shirt $150, purple SAND cardigan $225, Jin Qin pocket square $20, Fraas ascot $55, glasses $350.

Right: Blue velvet with leather trim SAND blazer $795, black SAND tuxedo pant $325, blue polka dot SAND dress shirt $250, Peckham & Rye red bowtie $65, ascot $110, Luca Vera patent tuxedo shoe $250, Gotsyle pocket square $107.

Above: Velvet Strellson blazer $650, Oscar purple & white checked shirt $175, SAND plaid vest $245, grey and white Stones wool pants $195, bowtie $95.

By far one of my fav looks. If Sean Connery was 30 years younger and decided to revive his role as James Bond today, I would definitely put him in an outfit like this. Modernizing the tuxedo look to something a bit more cavalier and dimensional. Once again its the simplicity of the look that makes it most appealing to me. The iridescent plaid blazer is absolutely brilliant. As you can observe in the images to the left, when in the shade the jacket looks borderline black, while when in the light you notice the stunning plaid pattern. With this look you don’t need much in the way of accessory, hence why we’ve paired it with a crisp wide spread collared shirt, and black tie. The pocket square simply completes the look.

Right: SAND plaid velvet blazer $795, Without Prejudice dress shirt $195, SAND black tuxedo pant $325, Gotstyle black tie $55, Luca Vera patent tuxedo shoe $250.

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