The Fall Bible is here!

I know it’s plus 30 out and only July, but in this industry we’re already thinking Fall. I refuse to bring in any Fall product until August as it’s kind of depressing to look at sweaters in July, but I did print out my Fall Bible for everyone to look at.

The Fall Bible contains pictures of all the items bought for the upcoming season (except for suits, but I do have suit swatches you can look at), so you can start to drool, dream and even write your name down for certain items so we can call you when they come in.

We’ve got some new lines coming in for fall: Company of We,, Literary t-shirts, Rockin’ Satorial, Dimitrichris, Super Dry, and Marshall Artist.

And your favorites are back: Ted Baker, SAND, John Varvatos, Relaxz, Haight & Ashbury, Cinque, TConcept, Cold Method, Suit, Full Circle

Reg’s note: In our search for an appropriate image for this entry (we thought about Jesus in a scarf is relative to a Fall Bible), we found this hilarious blog called What Would Jesus Wear. The write ups are on point and photos are pretty good!

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