The best polo for menswear

We're going to talk about the one item that you need for the spring and summer season. And it is the knit polo!

Now, before you guys get excited, because you're thinking polos, I got 50 golf polo shirts in my wardrobe. We're not talking about a golf polo. We're talking about a knit polo. So the difference between the two is that a golf polo with a it's going to have a logo on the chest. It's going to be more of a performance based fabric. It's going to be longer. And it's usually going to be, unshapely not very flattering. Knit polo is a dress, your version of that. So while it does have a color and it does have a three buttons, there's not going to be a logo on it. And instead of it being performance-based fabric, it's going to be more of a finer gauge cotton. So think of your most lightweight sweater that you have, or a lighter way, cotton fabric in general. So it's going to be a little bit trimmer to the body without being tight. But one great thing about knits is that it does have that movement to it. So it's not going to be clinging on your body. So you want to think more Don Draper from mad men, not Greg Norman, but the golf course.

So when I'm talking about the differences in polo shirts, I also don't mean that pique polo that you might have in the closet, you know, the one with either the alligator or the man playing polo on it, those tend to be a heavier way cotton and not as refined as a knit polo.

We want to look more sophisticated and elegant. So what's great about the knit polo is that it can really elevate your everyday style. So if you're doing zoom calls, if you're doing meetings ditch the white t-shirt or any t-shirt that you're wearing, you get a crew neck or the neck and elevate your look with a polo shirt because it does have that collar, it does have that respect when you're talking to somebody else. And one thing that we always do is button to the top. Again, I just gives it more of a business, like feel to it. The other great thing about the knit polo is that they don't have to be ironed. So it's super easy to put on it, first thing in the morning.

So there are different ways that you could wear your knit polo, one is tone down a serious business suit. So if you are going to meeting, you've got your suit on, tone it down instead of wearing a starch white shirt, put the knit polo underneath it. And then also it's a great thing to wear with your Jersey blazers again, as a great alternative to just a t-shirt or a dress shirt where the knit polo underneath for maximum comfort. And then it's also a great thing just to wear on its own. Cause it looks good. Now, one of the great things about it at polo is it does look great

With a dress jogger. So dress joggers are, your number one go-to pan for this season(and year). We did a video on it. If you want to watch it on our YouTube channel, click here. The dress jogger does have, elastic waist band so perfect for that. COVID 15, but it is a dress pant fabric. So it looks like you're wearing a regular dress pant, but if you don't want people to see that you're wearing an elastic waist, if you wear it with a knit polo, it's going to hide that waistline perfectly. So it just looks like you're a perfect, smart, casual mode. If you like this blog to check out or other style videos on our YouTube channel. And of course, check out our store to learn how you can dress better to do better.

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