The 3 Coats Every Man Needs — And How To Wear Them

The 3 coats Every Man Needs

Choosing one coat for the fall/winter season may sound ideal at first.
One coat, no confusion right? Wrong. While there isn’t ONE magical coat for every occasion we’ve narrowed it down to the essential three. The Overcoat, The Technical, and The Parka. Invest in these and you’ll be covered from 0 to minus 30.

Remember: In winter your coat is the first and sometimes only thing people see, choose wisely!

1. The Overcoat
good for 15 degrees to 0 degrees

Start with a great first impression whenever you meet someone. (you look silly when it’s cold out and your shivering because you don’t have a coat.)

Tips On Buying:

Look for a wool or wool cashmere blend. The standards are black and navy, but inject some personality and style and go for a camel coat or a patterned over coat.

Make sure it covers your suit jacket but don’t go longer than your knees for a modern look.

Important for work and essential for formal occasions.

Tiger of Sweden Melton Wool Coat

Tiger of Sweden Melton Wool Coat $629

2. The Technical Coat
good for 10 degrees to minus 15

Canadian weather is unpredictableget a coat that works as hard as you do; good for the rain, harsh winds and the start of winter. G-LAB is our favourite technical coat for all the elements.

Why we back it:

German engineering.

Ultra thin layers of high performance fabrics allows the coats to be: Waterproof, windproof and breathable.

The detachable DuPont ComfortMax thermo lining gives extra warmth in the winter, remove for the perfect Spring coat.

The fashionable, sleek modern design makes sure you look good wearing it!


G-LAB Cosmo Coat $875

3. The Parka
good for 0 to minus 30

We live in Canada, embrace and dress for the weather and it will be a life changer (you’ll actually love winter!) Pyrenex from France is our Parka of choice for this season.

Why we back it:

Originated in the 60’s (that’s 1860 people!) First company to develop down and feather blankets in the area near the Pyrenees mountains 150 years ago.

Created the first down coat during World War 2.

Super light weight, so warmth without the weight.

Teflon coated so water won’t seep into the jackets to make them damp or heavy.

Removable hood and fur.

Pyrenex Authentic Mid Length Parka

Pyrenex Authentic Mid Length Parka $1310


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