Ten Reasons Why You Should Buy (Not Rent) A Suit For Your Wedding

You got the woman, and then you got the ring. Now you have to get the suit. Do you rent or buy? Melissa has 10 reasons why every groom should buy his wedding suit and leave the suit rentals to prom goers.

1. You look better in a suit that fits you properly
They say women notice these things. And there’s no recognizing a good butt, or shoulders in boxy oversized rental suits.

2. Have you thought about how many other balls have been in those rented pants?
Seriously. The only balls that belong in your pants are your own.

3. You can wear your suit again (doubt she will be wearing her dress again….)
Break it down into cost per wear (how women justify shoe shopping). If you wear your wedding suit to meetings, the office, and future formal events, it’s not a huge splurge. It’s actually a great time to buy a suit!

4. It’s your day too, you deserve to look good
Since you’ll both be in the wedding pictures, stand tall and look your best. You already know that she’s going to be the most beautiful bride you’ll ever see, complete the day with style and confidence.

5. There is no such thing as a rented slim fit tuxedo
Some things in life aren’t rentable.

6. Share the experience with your groomsmen
Women get together sip some champagne and have a day of wedding dress shopping. Why not grab all your groomsmen and head to our Groom Room?

“The wrong suit can ruin everything. When you see a good suit, you always know. It’s always a head turner. And you’re not noticing the suit, you’re noticing ‘wow, that guy looks amazing.'” – Melissa Austria

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