SWIMS Galoshes Featured on Global TV Toronto

Greg Hudson, Associate Editor of Sharp Magazine joined Global TV Toronto to talk about winter fashion for men. You can watch the full video here to make sure you’re ready to take on winter with your best dressed foot forward.

Speaking of feet, what we consider to be one of the most important and most overlooked winter fashion tip is: galoshes.

If you spend any amount of money on shoes, protect them. You don’t need to buy a pair of boots to wear for your commute to work, what you need is a pair of SWIMS galoshes.

You’re probably already familiar with the older version of galoshes, those flimsy black rubber shoes your dad or grandfather owned. But Norwegian brand SWIMS has taken that idea, added new technology and cleaner design.

A pair of SWIMS is only $90, there’s multiple colours, and you can slip them over any pair of shoe or boot. Here’s a trend that really need to be brought back!


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