Surviving lockdown with GOTSTYLE


Watching: Right now I want the comfort and familiarity of the past, so I subscribed to Hollywood Suite and am watching all my favourite feel good movies from the 80’s and 90’s - Field of Dreams, Moonstruck, Any Given Sunday.

Eating: Have found the ultimate Caesar salad recipe (that I think is better than Jacobs!) usually will do a steak night with bone in ribeye, double baked potato with the works and grilled tomatoes. Oh and homemade vanilla ice-cream for dessert!

Doing: Thank god the weather has been good for this time of year, I’ve been walking with The Duke as much as possible and grateful to be living where I have so many great areas to walk around.


Watching: I’m a sucker for a good series! Drama, action, fantasy, romance and if I can find something with all 4 I’ll probably marathon the whole thing in a day... no self control!

My most recent watch list is:
Bridgerton, Le Revolution, Discovery of Witches and Tiny Pretty Things.
Drinking: I’ve been experimenting with cocktails a lot during this lockdown and one of my favourites has been the Basil Gin and Tonic.
-In a shaker 
Muddle 4-5 large leaves of basil with the juice of 1/2 a lime.
Add 2oz of your favourite gin and shake with lots of ice.
Strain into a tumbler with fresh ice and top with tonic!
Doing: I love bread. But I haven’t been able to get out to bakeries that I would normally frequent to get the good stuff.
So I’ve been perfecting my bread making skills.
It shockingly easier than you would expect, all you really need is patients and a good recipe!
Here’s one that worked well for me!


I'm the type of person who cannot handle starting a series and leaving the rest for next time. I NEED to know what happened NOW! That is why I spent the last 2 days watching netflix's newest series Bridgeton. I know who Lady
Whistledown is and I'm not telling.🤐
My eating habits have drastically changed over this hold covid period but I honestly try to incorporate some fruits and vegetables with the bottles of wine (most of the times). 
As a way to keep somewhat busy, earn extra money and still help out those in my community, I've started working as a grocery delivery lady. I get a list, shop that list and drive all over the city to deliver groceries, taking all the necessary covid precautions of course. It's good to be doing something and seeing people even though it's not in the normal sense.



Watching: I’ve been keeping busy by watching a lot of movies, some of the movies I’ve watched since New Years have been: Little Women (2019), Soul, The Hunt, Spaghetti Man, and the first 7 James Bond films. 

Eating: I’ve been baking a lot, I found a really delicious mint crust lemon-lime bar from Claire Saffitz Desert Person’s cookbook. Also pistachio pinwheel cookies.

Doing: Besides movies, I’ve been exercising, going on long walks by the Mount Pleasant Cemetery, and playing video games. Also, I'm going into my last semester at Ryerson.