Survival Tips for Valentine's Day

Here are three tips for Valentines Day, for the guy in every situation:

For the Ones in Long Term Relationships

When she says she doesn't care about Valentine's Day (or you've been together for awhile), what she really means is: She doesn't want a dinner at a crowded restaurant, an overpriced card or chocolates but trust me, all women want something. Here are my tips:

    • Always busy with work? Go to the market together and buy food for dinner. Over dinner discuss and plan upcoming weekly dates skating at Nathan Philips Square, going to the AGO to see King Tut, dinner at that restaurants she's always talking about. Makes a bigger impact if you write it down, put in your blackberry and keep to it.
    • Never give presents or cards? Buy her something pretty. It doesn't need to be expensive – a unique necklace from Love of Mine Boutique on Queen or sexy cute underwear from our Dawg House, and a blank card where you write something personal (Hallmark doesn't know your woman like you do, why let them do it for you?).
  • Don't really help out around the house? Make her dinner or order quality take out, and clean up the kitchen while she has a bath (that you've run for her, lit a few candles and poured a glass of wine).

For the Ones in a New Relationship

If you've just started dating and still in the honeymoon phase, remember what you do for your "first Valentine" will set the tone for the rest of them to come!

For the Single Ones

Be happy that you're not spending money, and if you have some good single girl friends, take them out to a bar!

What to get him? A wake up surprise. (or a Gotstyle gift certificate)

If you need something last minute for the special lady in your life (before you get thrown into the dawghouse), we've got a great line of underwear from Cosabella. American designed and Italian manufactured, these sexy and colourful lingerie pieces have been seen on episodes of Sex and the City, Grey's Anatomy, Lost, Nip/Tuck, and Desperate Housewives. They're $25 each and are one size fits all!

We're open for Family Day from 12-5pm.

Happy Valentine's Day!
– Melissa

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