Style Tips: 10 Steps to a Proper Scent

Your scent means everything. So it’s important as the modern man to make sure the air around you is pleasant for those closest to you. From this month’s GQ, here are 10 reminders when applying your cologne:

  1. Spraying in the air and walking through it doesn’t work. 90% of the spray ends up on the floor.
  2. When spraying the cologne on your wrists, apply it half an inch away. Maybe even remove the nozzle and dab with your middle finger.
  3. You aren’t just restricted to your wrists and neck. Try it on your shoulders or forearms of your suit jacket. Moving your arms will extend your scent further from your base.
  4. Never put your scent where her tongue could land. You know how rancid that stuff tastes like?
  5. A cologne bottle is not a shower-on-the-go. Don’t be that guy in the subway.
  6. Swapping colognes for the season is about as optional as alternating watches based on the time of day. You want people to remember you by your scent. No need to complicate things for them.
  7. You may respray your cologne throughout the course of the day, depending on how long it lasts on you. Upping your dose is fully dependent on the type of cologne and how your skin reacts with it. Just remember to start minimal, then increase.
  8. Cheap deodorant can kill the vibe. Look for neutral rather than the locker room smell. Besides, who pairs cheap pit stick with a Dolce & Gabbana cologne anyway?
  9. Aftershave is a thing of the past. It’s not good for your skin. Don’t bother unless you really enjoy the burning sensation.
  10. Pulse points are as much as sham as the spray-n-walk. If you don’t know what that is, keep it that way.

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