Staff Picks for November

Michael – Goorin Hats ($55 to $65)
An easy choice for Michael, since he’s the one who did the buying to bring the Goorin Hats in. It’s functional for both casual and formal wear and a good alternative as an every day hat. The knit hats are extremely warm and a great gift for its accessory price point.

Joa – Marshall Artist Jacket ($250)
Melissa C – Marshall Artist Cardigan ($125), Jacket ($195)
Great fabrics and detailing, including the leather zipper pockets. And reasonably priced!

Christine – Gold Lab Jacket ($195)
The perfect sweater coat on those milder days. The fur lining makes this jacket very cozy to wear and admire.

Veronica – Gold Lab Jacket ($275)
Not into the Canada Goose this winter? Veronica is into a major fur phase, and this jacket from Gold Lab has a 100% rabbit fur trim with army detailing. Great mixture of textured leather, buckle detail, and a wool peacoat material. It’s your casual and night out on the town coat.

Lindsay – I.Am vest ($250)
Everyone needs a lot of rock star in them for the holidays. This waxed cotton vest works great with a dress shirt or t-shirt, and a pair of jeans or dress pants. Plus the line is by Will.I.Am, and Lindsay is a huge BEP fan. Stand out at your Christmas parties!

Vylan – John Varvatos Jeans ($205), Shirt ($170), and T-Will Belt ($150)
The every day man needs an every day outfit. These slim, straight leg jeans use a coated denim that’s stiff (but not construction paper, raw denim stiff) in a deep brown, gasoline colour with whiskers. A great alternative to your usual denim, and pairs well with black work boots.

The black Varvatos shirt feels like your oldest, favourite shirt. In a washed baby corduroy, it includes detail on the zipper and epaulets. It’s also short enough to wear untucked.

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