Staff Picks for May

Melissa C - Gold Label jacket, $185

This jacket from Gold Label has an amazing tailored fit and its construction allows for easy arm movement. Great price point based on its detailing.

Michael - Suit pants, $95

One of the brightest coloured pieces on the floor, it adds pop to any outfit. Breaking out of the norm (jeans, khakis) is essentially what these pants represent. Have some fun on a dull day!

Christine - Dr. Denim cardigan, $110

Every guy needs at least one cardigan in their closet. This one adds a bit of colour with an argyle print, light weight fabrics, and a modern fit. Even better: add a bow tie.

Joa - Umbro zip sweater

Blogger’s note: It’s usually difficult to grab Joa for a staff pick when he’s always busy suiting clients, but for this item he was more than eager to get it done. He was a little sneaky this time around and took this Umbro Official National Team zip sweater from our boxes out back. Soon to hit the floor (and an obvious hit for World Cup), you can grab these zip sweaters for different national teams. Pictured is Joa in an England sweater, which can be used at TFC games as well too.

Neale - Valsport sneakers, $95

Blogged yesterday, these new Valsport sneakers are great fashion runners with eye catching styling. They’re lightweight and can be worn in the day and night. See the write up on Valsport.

Veronica - Roussel shirts, $65

I’m really liking Roussell‘s Hamburger Champagne tee simply because there are two gorgeous men eating cheeseburgers and drinking champagne on it. Don’t ask me why – it just clicked. Love at first sight. Plus, it’s Canadian made and simply the classic “you’re so bad” edge to it. Great for summer, great for under a leather jacket or structured blazer. the unfinished seams on the sleeves also make it that much better.

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