What to wear when weather is unpredictable

Unpredictable weather is the thorn in our most fashionable sides.

Can you feel the frustration? The weather will swing from minus 5 to plus 5 in a day. You don't want to wear your down filled coat anymore, but you’ll feel off walking around without a jacket on. (We want summer but it's not really here yet, dressing like it will only make you susceptible to getting sick).

So– it’s time for TRANSITIONAL outerwear. What's transitional outerwear you ask? We started talking about this a few seasons ago and more and more guys are starting to get it.
Transitional outerwear is the outerwear pieces you can wear now, and that will tide you over to the “no jacket season” AKA summer.

Some key ones to start looking at?

First lets take a look at the forecast. According to Farmer's Almanac (my go-to source for buying forecasting) it's going to be a slightly cooler and a definitely rainier spring. It's funny how we can handle snow but rain that's a different story, snow you get a little wet, rain you get drenched.

We carry two lines of very stylish rain jackets. Both with a hood to keep you dry! (yes, you can finally forget about losing your umbrellas.)

Rains from Denmark has a clean modern design. If you've ever been to Denmark you’ll know that they know rainwear. It's sunny one second and rainy for the next 10… in fact their spring is a perpetual state of sunny rain.

We carry their modern interpretation of the classic rain jacket. It’s super light weight making it easy to wear and easy to carry around (perfect for music festivals!)

Rains yellow raincoat transitional outerwear Rains grey raincoat transitional outerwear Rains navy raincoat transitional outerwear Rains black raincoat transitional outerwear

Stutterheim is a brand from Sweden (another country that knows rain well!) It was started by Alexandre Stutterheim, in homage to his grandfather's raincoat. This was the raincoat that saw him off to sea to catch fish defying the worst weather; the heaviest bone drenching rain and loudest thunderstorms.

He wanted to make a modernized version of that raincoat but still crafted in the traditional way: by hand by a skilled seamstress that knew how to deal with the thick durable fabric. He was lucky to find the last surviving textile mill in Sweden and together they built the perfect raincoat.

These raincoats are made of rubberized cotton with taped and sealed seams so rain will never get through. A raincoat that will last the sophisticated Gotstyle man forever.

Stutterheim navy raincoat transitional outerwear Stutterheim yellow raincoat transitional outerwear Stutterheim black raincoat transitional outerwear

Now you've got the rain covered, what other spring outerwear do you need when it's not raining? How about a light weight “everyday jacket” to wear to work over your suit: The proper name is the “carcoat”. You’ll spot them by their length. A coat that ends mid-thigh and is long enough to cover your suit jacket. But no, not trench.

If you want the best of both worlds, get a G-Lab jacket. They’re waterproof, windproof and breathable- everything you need to conquer the ever changing weather. They’re modern, sleek and technical without the bulk.

The Cosmo style’s slim silhouette works great with suits and the 3-layer fabric and integrated thermo jacket guarantee top-notch functionality. The seam lines, pockets and high collar add a touch of outdoor-inspired nonchalance.

The modern short parka is the perfect partner for any tour when it comes to protecting its wearer from wind and weather. Full commitment provides the Commander with its 3-layer high performance material and action-pleat in the back for a comfortable fit and more mobility. The four large outer pockets on each day expedition plenty of storage spaceand ensure a sporty yet stylish look.


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