5 Summer essentials you need for men

Warm weather is on the horizon meaning it's time to retire the dark colours (for now). Summer is all about being lightweight and looking cool, all the while still having a sartorial look. We gathered our summer must-haves for you guys that you can wear for festivals, weddings, and most importantly the pool. 


Matching sets 

 summer items you need for men

Yes, these are outrageous, bold and colourful, but you cannot deny that they are eye-catching and cool. We have great patterns and colours from Canadian company Poplin & Co, Swedish brand OAS, and Masons. Also don't worry, you can wear them separately if you don't want to be the centre of attention. Neutral-coloured pants or shirts will always pair. We even have some for the mrs. 

Graphic tops

 5 summer essentials for men

Now if you're still weary of a matching set, fear not. A great alternative and another must-have for summer is a graphic top. We've received some awesome graphic polos from Mason's that aren't as visually crazy. Polos can easily be styled with simple coloured pants or shorts. If that's still too much for you, you can always 'water down' the floral prints with a blazer. Don't worry we also still have great graphic t-shirts for everyday casual fits.


Short(er) shorts 

 5 summer essentials for men

Of course, you need shorts for the summer! What we specifically mean is shorts with a 5-6in inseam reliant on your height. Ideally, you would wear shorts that hit 1-2 inches above your knees. Why? A short short makes you look taller. It's a more refined look overall. Unless you're in the rainforest looking for anacondas, there's no need for your shorts to be mid-calf. We have stretch shorts, patterned shorts, and classic coloured shorts that you can shop here.



5 essential summer items for men

 Loafers are the perfect shoe if you want versatile footwear for summer. They are formal, like dress shoes. You can wear them to fancier summer events and parties. They can even be styled with a more casual outfit. We have many different colours, and finishes of loafers, from leather to suede.


5 summer essentials items for men
  We feel like this is a given. A nice pair of shades can make your look from great summer fit to cool badass. Sunglasses are a summer essential for the simple fact that it's practical. You can wear them to any music festivals you're wearing, or the morning after a late night out. We an array of sunglasses from prescription readers, to top gun aviators by Christopher Bates, and Japanese made John Varvatos sunglasses.