Shorts men need!

Guys now that the weather is warmer, I've been going out a bit more. I'm really happy to say that I'm seeing a lot of guys starting to give a S#!t when they go out at night with their shirts tucked in SlimFit chinos, lots of blazers over t-shirts and Henleys. Great job. But now the other issue on weekends, I don't understand why all you guys still insist on wearing those long board shorts, cargo shorts, a plaid shorts past your knee, especially when you're with your really cute girlfriend. She looks really awesome in those cute summer dresses. It's time to man up. When it comes to your shorts, start dressing like a man and start wearing shorter shorts.
Shorts you shouldn't be wearing

   Now I'm not talking about short shorts like this mid thigh that is only for the fashion advanced guy. I am talking about shorts that are hitting above the knee. Maybe be like an inch or two. The problem is when you were wearing those longer board shorts, the longer cargo shorts is that it cuts your body in half, they end up making you look short and dumpy as a man. Why do you want to look short and dumpy? You want to look like a lean mean fighting machine. So you want to go for a trimmer, short. Something that's going to hit about two inches above the knee, or even an inch above the knee. But the main thing is that it's not a boxy baggy shapeless short. It does have a little bit of style to it.

   The other trend that we're seeing in shorts for the spring and summer season are shorts with pattern. And this is a great way to inject a little bit of fun, especially cause I'm noticing that most guys are just wearing their shorts with a solid t-shirt or a solid polo. If you're going to go solid on top, go over a little bit of pattern on the bottom. And again, it's going to be a neutral base. So easy to coordinate back to all your solid colors. But again, either in a polka dot or a floral print, do something with a little bit of fun to it. Life is too short to be so neutral all the time. See all our patterned, neutral colored, and short shorts here!

Now, as shorts have gotten shorter swim trunks have gotten shorter too. Now I'm not talking about the banana hammocks that's for the Europeans only, but we definitely want something that is at least above the knee or mid thigh. Again, this helps make your body look longer leaner taller and who doesn't want to look like that. And it's also a lot more fun when you're jumping into the water. All of our swimwear is what we just described. Check out our swim collection here.

Okay, guys, it's been a long cold winter(and lockdown) and now summer is finally here. Patio season, drinks out, lots of fun, but one thing that all you men have to do this season is upgrade your shorts. No more cargo's, no more board shorts, no more shorts below the knee start dressing like a stylish man. We've been in sweats for almost 2 years! Ladies put your foot down. Do not let your man go out wearing cargo shorts, especially if you're looking at as hot as you do!

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