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There’s a new breed of shorts in town.

Shorts for men are changing. Have you noticed? Walk into any shopping mall looking for men’s shorts and you’ll see the short length has come up quite a bit. This has left guys all over the world asking the question: “How short should my shorts be?”

We’re going to answer that question, but first, let’s talk about why you should wear shorter shorts.

  1. Shorter shorts will make you look slimmer
  2. Shorter shorts will make you look taller
  3. See #1 and #2 … what else do you want– really?!

Shorts for men actually look better when they’re shorter. An extra couple inches’ goes a long way. Check this image out below.
long and short shorts for men

The shorts on the left are below the knee. The extra fabric shortens this guys legs actually making him appear shorter. The width of the short is a lot wider than his legs. With an extra inch or two of fabric on either side! This extra creates the appearance of thick thighs. No not a solution for skipping leg day… it won’t look proportionate!

The new styles of shorts for men are different in two major ways.

  1. They are cut shorter (most commonly 2-4 inches above the knee)
  2. They’re slimmer through the leg. The leg holes more closely mimic the shape of your legs. Yes, this means they are tighter, but it no doesn’t mean that they need to stick to you like glue!

How short should you go?

Well, that depends on how tall you are. But, at least 2 inches above the knee is a good starting point. Try on a few pairs at different lengths to see what you’re comfortable in. Once you’ve found the sweet spot you can update your old pairs.

Take your old shorts to your tailor and have them brought up a few inches. Or, with denim or cotton shorts try cuffing them like you would your pants.

Now that you’ve seen the difference a few inches can do. It’s time to find shorter shorts that hit you right where you want them. Here are some of our approved shorter shorts for men.

Psst… The same new rules apply to shorter swim shorts.



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