Dress shirts you need for Spring

A lot of guys have a hard time with and that's that in-between dressing. So it's not entirely your fault because a lot of guys have the uniform of a suit, shirt and tie, and then they have their weekend. I'm going to clean out their garage uniform so that in-between is often tough to maneuver. So we're going to give you some easy tips on how to do what they call smart, casual or soft dressing.

So soft dressing is like business casual, it is really what you guys should be wearing when you're working from home or doing zoom calls. It's also, once you start heading out to the real world for sales calls, meetings, when you don't want to be so stiff wearing a stiff suit and it's diff white shirt, it's also a great thing for date night and date night, just not with your wife or your spouse, but also out with the boys. I mean, my pet peeve was going to places like Jacob's on a Saturday night and you'd see all these guys wearing their polar fleece zip up. So it's time to elevate your smart, casual wear a little bit more. So the number one thing is to always have a finishing piece. So your finishing piece is going to be your soft blazer. It could even be something like a soft bomber jacket. It doesn't have to be a traditional blazer either. It could be more like a sweater blazer, or it can even be something like a vest. And then underneath that, you're going to switch up your shirts.


We're going to give you some shirt options that you need to start incorporating into your wardrobe and start phasing out. Some of those stiffer white shirts and blue shirts that you have. They're a little too corporate looking.

Jersey Shirts

So the number one shirt to add in is the Jersey fabric shirt Jersey is great because unlike a woven that only has a two way stretch Jersey has a four way stretch. So it feels like you're wearing your favorite t-shirt, but you still look presentable. This is also great for traveling when we're allowed to do that again, because it doesn't wrinkle. So you can ball it up. Doesn't wrinkle, super comfortable to wear.


Denim Shirt

The next one to have is my personal favorite shirt right now, which is the denim shirt. What I like about the denim shirt is that it helps soften or ground down your more formal Navy suits, grey suits. It's not as stark as a white shirt, but again, because it does have a collar too it, it's still giving that formality and respect that the person that you're talking to deserves. And another great thing about the denim shirt. If you do want to smarten it up and wear it on its own, it does look great with a knit tie. So again, it's that real smart, casual vibe happening.


One thing to note, when I am talking about a denim shirt, I am not talking about a Levis denim shirt. So you want something that is a lightweight fabric. So again, it's going to feel more like your regular dress shirt, but just to be a little bit more casual. Denim I find is perfect to wear underneath the colors of the season that are happening, which is everything in the more neutral tones of the beige Browns or anything in green. That's really going to be having for this season as well.

Macro Floral

Another key shirt to have for the spring and summer season is the macro floral shirt. Why? Because it's happy. And I think right now we need a little bit of happiness in our lives. These are great, cause they're not so overpowering. You definitely want to move away from the really, really bold print, but these are great because they will incorporate with so many different colors in your wardrobe. And the thing is with florals, you don't have to match exactly. 

So you're going to have something that is a blue based floral print, but still wear it with a contrasting burgundy jacket. 

Micro Floral

Okay. And if you find floral shirts are a little too happy for you and another great option is the micro print. So the reason why we like these prints and these florals is that they're visually more interesting on camera and in person versus a solid white or solid blue shirt. What's great with a lot of the micro prints, is that from a distance, it does look like a solid, but as you move in closer, it just has more surface interest. So again, a great conversation starter. And again, you just look more visually interesting cause you want to be able to either pop on camera or even pop in person. Now the great shirt options that think of as we go into more soft dressing or smart, casual, as we like to call it is to think green.


Green Shirts

So green is definitely going to be a color that you're gonna start seeing more and more of starting this spring and way into the fall as well. What we love about green is that it goes with all the blues that you guys already have in your closet. So if you want something again, softer than I'm wearing that stark white shirt all the time, look for something in a soft green, underneath a Navy sport coat or a Navy suit. It's a great option to have soft.

Green is also a great color because it looks great on every single skin tone. And when you're wearing green, it needs money. So there you have a guy, some great new shirt options to start working into your closet, to get rid of some of the more formal dress shirts that you have right now. It's all for that more smart, casual, soft dressing that we really need to be doing every day for work and for play as well too. Checkout all our shirts here!

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