Sharkwater's Rob Stewart Needs You to Help Change the World

WE NEED to save the ecosystems humans depend on for survival

United Conservationists (UC) is a revolutionary new NGO nine years and 30 countries in the making. What started out as a mission to save sharks hurdled our tiny team into the biggest battle ever foughtsaving humanity from the converging environmental crises of the 21st century.

In 2007 we released Sharkwater, which changed government policy, spawned conservation groups, and united a movement to protect sharks. For nine years we've been saving sharks with the help of supporters and volunteers, working out of a garage in downtown Toronto. But now the problem is much bigger than sharks and we need the resources to affect change on a greater scale.

By mid-century scientists predict the end of fisheries, coral reefs and rainforests, and half the world's population will lack sufficient food and water. This is the biggest issue we've ever faced, and we need your help to tackle it.

To change the world in the most profound way possible, we've united a dream team of conservationists to launch the most revolutionary and powerful NGO imaginable. UC has a proven strategyeducate the public about the issues and give them the blueprint for change. It's worked for sharks and it can work again, if we work together.

UC is seeking funding to build the movement to save the ecosystems we depend on for survival, and ultimately humanity. This issue is too big to tackle from a garage... We need your help.

In 2011, United Conservationists are:

      • Working with Ecovision Asia to distribute 10,000 Sharkwater DVDs to schools in China
      • Releasing Sharkwater on public TV in China (targeting 220 million people)
      • Spearheading the Fin Free Toronto campaign to ban shark fins in Toronto, Ontario and across Canada
      • Releasing “Revolution”, Rob Stewart's new feature film about saving humanity from our environmental crisis. The release features accompanying study guides, the book "How-to Guide to Save Humanity", free online distribution of the film, and school curriculum inserts.
      • Releasing "Revolution Mobile"—a mobile application that puts democracy in your hand, counting down the votes necessary to influence government policy susceptible to public opinion—changing the world in real time.

Your contributions are vital to taking our organization to the next level, and creating the resources to unite everyone as a conservationist. We aren't just fundraising, we are building a community! UC has achieved a great amount of good with very little so far. Now we need to change the world in a huge way, and we need your financial support to do so. Our kids and our future depend on it.

Join United Conservationists and be a part of a revolutionary movement for conservation.


Melissa and Gotstyle have been a big supporter of Rob & his global initiatives. We had dressed him for all his red carpet events when Sharkwater was doing the Film Festival circuit, and if you haven’t seen the movie Sharkwater, you need to – it will change your perception on sharks, our planet, and the state of our society.

Please consider joining the UC and contributing to help save our ecosystem!

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