Scott Monty: Innovator in Social Media and Ford's Top Social Genius Visits the Groom Room

Sharad Mohan, Melissa Austria, Scott Monty & Reggie Ramone

Last night, thanks to our friends at Ford Canada we had distinct pleasure to have Scott Monty (Global head of social media at Ford Motor Company) drop by our Distillery District location for a quick browse and chat. Ranked by Forbes as one of the top 10 influencers in social media, Scott Monty has been hailed by his peers as “an unstoppable force of nature,” & “the best corporate social media lead on the planet,”. Not hard to imagine considering he and his work have been featured in countless articles, over 19 different published books, and his social media presence rivals that of many great celebrities.

To many Scott is a visionary, but as we soon realized he’s also quite the style aficionado. Check out this awesome chat we had with Scott in our Groomsroom over friendly game of pool.

Scott Monty playing pool in our Grooms-Room

1) Where do you get your fashion advice?

I don’t really have any one particular place; it is more of an amalgimation of a lot of different sources. I have followed a blog for about 3 years called a A Suitable Wardrobe written by a gentleman out of San Francisco who’s a men’s fashion consultant, very old school. I have gotten the Ben Silver catalogue for the last 15 years, and while I can’t really afford many things in there… I find it’s a great inspiration for things I like. Classic stuff never goes out of style: yes, your ties and lapels are going to widen and narrow over time but if you can get something that looks good and you can mix with a lot of different patterns and colours and what not, it’s universal.

2) Who would you consider some of your style icons?

Cary Grant, Fred Astaire & Frank Sinatra: classic guys, old Hollywood. I swear one of the pinacles of what I want to achieve is to get down to Savile Row, London and have them make me a bespoke suit. The same one that Cary Grant wore in North by Northwest!

3) Do you think your current occupation allows or restricts your personal style?

At my current company, it allows it. Before I joined Ford I was working from home. I was in a virtual environment… didn’t even matter if I was wearing pants on any given day, if you’re on Skype you see people from the waist up, that’s all you need. But at Ford it’s a very conservative company, and at the world HQ where I am it is very business formal. So, for me that was like one of the greatest gifts I could ever have, not only the job that I have but the fashion sense it allows me to express.

4) When it comes to your personal style, is there any particular item you’re known for?

Well it’s going to be the cliche, you could say the bowtie… You wear a bow tie once and suddenly you’re branded as the bow tie guy. But, I maybe wear one every two weeks, I try to keep people on edge so they don’t know what to expect. But I also wear a pocket square everyday, whether it’s a white linen pocket square or the one you see here.

After our little chat was over, there was one last thing Scott wanted to add with respect to fashion and his style that totally made us smile.

“My relationship with my tailor is probably one of the more important relationships in my life”

No truer words have ever been spoken with regard to men’s fashion and ones personal style. Well done Mr. Monty!

Melissa Austria & Scott Monty

Reggie Ramone, Sharad Mohan, Scott Monty, Melissa Austria

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